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Weight No More!

Regardless of where you are in your weight loss journey, whether you are yet to take your first step, or you need support to stay on your weight loss track or you want to get back on track, we understand the challenge of shedding excess weight.

We believe that everyone is unique and for that reason, we do not offer a ‘one hat fits all’ program. Our board-certified Obesity Medicine Specialist evaluates each client and develops a sustainable dietary plan based on your medical needs and dietary preferences. When indicated, we use FDA approved weight loss medications to support your efforts.

Our program is a lifestyle change not a diet. We support you to reach your healthiest weight.

Quintess Weight No More! package:

This package is available to clients who seek medical weight loss support in addition to primary care. The program includes:

  • Detailed nutritional review with our board certified

       Obesity Medicine physician

  • Customized counseling support

  • Continuous weight tracking

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