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At Quintess Primary Care;
  • There is no wait time in our waiting room before your appointment.

  • You will be seen within 24 business hours for acute visits.

  • You can reach us by text, emails, and phone calls.

  • You can develop a personal relationship with your physician and nurses.

  • Your appointment can be in person or virtual.

What Is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

DPC is an alternative to traditional fee-for-service insurance billing. Insurance companies impose time consuming requirements on doctors. For every 15 minutes that a physician spends with a patient, it takes an average of 2 hours to complete documentation for that visit before they can be paid. With elimination of the burdensome requirements by the insurance companies, the doctor has more freedom to focus on the patient. This improves the quality of the care offered to the patient. Quintess Primary Care follows the DPC model. This means we do not depend on health insurance companies to be paid for our services. This allows us to provide care for a smaller patient panel in comparison to a traditional primary care practice. The benefit of less paperwork allows us to invest more time into your care and allows us to develop personal relationships with each member of our practice.

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